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We sell the dual-sim iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR with two physical sim slots, normally available only in China/Hong Kong/Macau. There's no need to wait for your carrier to support eSim - get a dual-sim iPhone and immediately begin using two carriers at once!

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Dual-Sim iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max is Apple's top of the line iPhone. The model we sell, normally available only in China, Hong Kong, and Macau takes two physical sim cards.

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Dual-Sim iPhone XR

The iPhone XR offers most of the features of the iPhone XS/XS Max, but at a lower price point with multiple color options. Of course, the model we sell takes two physical sim cards to use dual carriers.

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Dual SIM VS eSim?

The iPhones we sell take two physical SIM cards, as opposed to one physical SIM card and eSIM. Have a look at the benefits of two physical sim cards.

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